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Yogen Fruz in Chicago

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Yogen Fruz is the firm where a major inspection took place on the 18th of September 2013. The edifice of this aforementioned organisation is placed at 333 S State St Bldg, Chicago IL 60604. Moreover, its geographical coordinates are 41 87739693703613(lat) -87 62751493171092(longitude). The organisation Yogen Fruz is operating as a Restaurant. The type and the identification number of the inspection were Canvass Re-Inspection and 1115019, and the final result was Pass with the level of risk defined as Risk 2 (Medium). This is the accurate depiction of violations discovered by the examiners: 18 no evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: corrected | 34 floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, coving installed, dust-less cleaning methods used - comments: must detail clean and maintain the interior/exterior of all floor drains and floors in all corners | 43 food (ice) dispensing utensils, wash cloths properly stored - comments: corrected

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