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Thysson Corporation in Chicago

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Thysson Corporation is the firm where a major investigation happened on the 20th of August 2010. The building of this aforestated organisation is situated at 3024 N Laramie Ave, Chicago IL 60641. Moreover, its coordinates are 41 93579920424157(latitude) -87 75673008966743(longitude). The firm Thysson Corporation is functioning as a Restaurant. The type and the identification number of the checkup were Canvass Re-Inspection and 361241, and the final result was Pass with the level of risk defined as Risk 1 (High). This is the accurate depiction of violations noticed by the inspectors: 2 facilities to maintain proper temperature - comments: violation 02 now corrected | 9 water source: safe, hot & cold under city pressure - comments: violation 09 now corrected | 34 floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, coving installed, dust-less cleaning methods used - comments: floor tile near side entry door not maintained instructed to seal floor tile or re grout to prevent daylight at bottom of door | 35 walls, ceilings, attached equipment constructed per code: good repair, surfaces clean and dust-less cleaning methods - comments: ceiling tile damaged in areas instructed to replace worn ceilig tile windows in toilet room not protected instructed to install 16 inch mesh screen over windows to prevent insects stall inside men's toilet room not maintained instructed to repaint wall | 38 ventilation: rooms and equipment vented as required: plumbing: installed and maintained - comments: ventilation not provided in toilet rooms instructed to repair exhaust fan or have window opened sink stoppers not provided at three compartment sink instructed to provide stoppers for wash and sanitize compartments | 40 refrigeration and metal stem thermometers provided and conspicuous - comments: thermometers not provided inside coolers instructed to povide themometers visible inside all coolers

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