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Taza Cafe in Chicago

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Taza Cafe is the company where a major investigation happened on the 26th of June 2014. The edifice of this aforestated organisation is placed at 176 N Franklin St, Chicago IL 60606. Furthermore, its coordinates are 41 885248026568625(lat) -87 63554591705974(long). The company Taza Cafe is operating as a Restaurant. The type and the ID number of the inspection were License and 1467361, and the result was Pass with the level of risk specified as Risk 1 (High). This is the detailed description of violations noticed by the examiners: 33 food and non-food contact equipment utensils clean, free of abrasive detergents - comments: must detail clean the interior and exterior of all cooking equipment and the hood above the cooking equipment must remove grease and food debris must also clean prep tables,cutting boards and sinks | 34 floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, coving installed, dust-less cleaning methods used - comments: must detail clean floors underneath and behind all heavy equipment such as the ice machine,cooking equipment,sinks and shelves | 35 walls, ceilings, attached equipment constructed per code: good repair, surfaces clean and dust-less cleaning methods - comments: must detail clean walls in prep and dishwashing areas must remove spills and food debris must replace stained ceiling tiles in dining area and throughout where needed | 38 ventilation: rooms and equipment vented as required: plumbing: installed and maintained - comments: must repair leaky faucet at the three compartment sink must install a backflow device at the ice machine and any equipment directly connected to the city water supply | 32 food and non-food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed and maintained - comments: seal small opening along the bottom of the front entrance door discard worn cutting boards | 44 only authorized personnel in the food-prep area - comments: observed customer go into prep area to use the employee restroom instructed manager to only allow authorized personnel in a food prep area

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