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Sarpinos Loop in Chicago

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Sarpinos Loop is the firm where a special investigation happened on the 13th of August 2014. The main building of this aforementioned business entity is placed at 627 W Lake St, Chicago IL 60661. What's more, its coordinates are 41 88558923384897(latitude) -87 64399165571426(long). The organisation Sarpinos Loop is functioning as a Restaurant. The type and the identification number of the inspection were Canvass and 1199457, and the final result was Fail with the level of risk specified as Risk 1 (High). This is the detailed depiction of violations noticed by the examiners: 3 potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirement during storage, preparation display and service - comments: observed one ham and cheese stuffed calzone at an improper temperature of 112 1f in the hot holding display unit for sale to the public approximately 1lb and estimated value to $10 00 food discarded critical citation issued 7-38-005(a) reviewed proper hot holding temperature of 140f or above | 18 no evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: observed approximately 10-15 small flies at the rear mop sink area, dish washing and dirty towel storage area last pest service report was dated 3-14-14 recommend having pest co service for flies to eliminate or minimize activity and remove all dirt, debris and moist organic material from all effected areas serious citation issued 7-38-020 | 21 * certified food manager on site when potentially hazardous foods are prepared and served - comments: no city of chicago certified food manager was on site while the above critical and serious violations occurred and foods being prepared and served serious citation issued 7-38-012 | 40 refrigeration and metal stem thermometers provided and conspicuous - comments: must provide an internal thermometer for hot holding display case for ready to eat foods

Pizza Maya in Chicago

Pizza Maya in Chicago screen

Pizza Maya is the institution where a special inspection happened on the 17th of March 2010. The building of this...

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