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San Luis Freeze Inc in Chicago

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San Luis Freeze Inc is the institution where a special inspection took place on the 16th of August 2011. The edifice of this aforestated business entity is situated at 4241 W Armitage Ave, Chicago IL 60639. Furthermore, its coordinates are 41 916970725821095(lat) -87 7331182479866(long). The organisation San Luis Freeze Inc is operating as a Mobile Food Dispenser. The type and the ID number of the checkup were License and 634283, and the final result was Fail with the level of risk specified as Risk 3 (Low). This is the precise depiction of violations noticed by the inspectors: 11 adequate number, convenient, accessible, designed, and maintained - comments: instructed to install exposed hand sink with hot and cold running water | 12 hand washing facilities: with soap and sanitary hand drying devices, convenient and accessible to food prep area - comments: must provide soap and paper towel convenient and accessible | 32 food and non-food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed and maintained - comments: all mobile food dispender must be equipped with a signal arm instructed to provide --------must provide the name and address of the licensee in a conspicuous place on the outside of each side of every vehicle | 40 refrigeration and metal stem thermometers provided and conspicuous - comments: instructed to provide thermometer visible inside cooler | 2 facilities to maintain proper temperature - comments: cooler must maintain cold holding temperature of 40f or below

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