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Lou Malnati's Pizzeria in Chicago

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Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is the company where a major investigation happened on the 30th of April 2013. The edifice of this aforestated organisation is situated at 956-958 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago IL 60614. Furthermore, its exact location on the map is this 41 92911994883241(lat) -87 65359186197217(long). The company Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is functioning as a Restaurant. The category and the ID number of the checkup were Complaint and 1198830, and the result was Fail with the level of risk specified as Risk 1 (High). This is the detailed depiction of violations discovered by the inspectors: 24 dish washing facilities: properly designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located and operated - comments: dish washing facility not maintained kitchen three compartment sink missing nozzle on left wash bowl of sink, unable to properly set sink to wash, rinse and sanitize instructed to use dish washing machine for all dishware and instructed to provide nozzle on sink with hot and cold running water serious citation issued 7-38-030 | 31 clean multi-use utensils and single service articles properly stored: no reuse of single service articles - comments: must not save and store dirty 10 tomato cans in dry food storage to be recycled must discard dirty cans or, wash and store clean until picked up for recycling or store in an outdoor recycling waste container all pots/pan and to go food containers must be stored inverted | 34 floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, coving installed, dust-less cleaning methods used - comments: piled dirt on floor in dry food storage room next to stored clean pizza delivery boxes must remove dirt

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