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Cics Lloyd Bond in Chicago

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Cics Lloyd Bond is the company where a major investigation happened on the 24th of October 2011. The building of this aforestated business entity is located at 13300 S Langley, Chicago IL 60827. Additionally, its coordinates are 41 65363660026574(lat) -87 60507067062306(longitude). The company Cics Lloyd Bond is functioning as a School. The category and the ID number of the inspection were Canvass and 537838, and the final result was Fail with the level of risk defined as Risk 2 (Medium).

Ta Camaron Mexican Grill Inc in Chicago

Ta Camaron Mexican Grill Inc  in Chicago screen

Ta Camaron Mexican Grill Inc is the firm where a major inspection took place on the 7th of February 2011. The edifice...

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