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Bull & Bear in Chicago

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Bull & Bear is the firm where a major checkup happened on the 9th of February 2011. The edifice of this aforestated organisation is placed at 431 N Wells St, Chicago IL 60654. What's more, its coordinates are 41 89002468212031(lat) -87 63388240330882(longitude). The firm Bull & Bear is doing business as a Restaurant. The category and the identification number of the checkup were Suspected Food Poisoning Re-inspection and 381254, and the result was Pass w/ Conditions with the level of risk defined as Risk 1 (High). This is the accurate depiction of violations noticed by the inspectors: 14 previous serious violation corrected, 7-42-090 - comments: a separate and distinct offense shall be deemed to have been committed for each serious violation that is not corrected upon re-inspection by the health authority previous serious violation from 2/1/11 not corrected: 18/01- observed live fruit flies behind the bars, beverage service station and in the basement prep area approximately 35 live fruit flies were observed orkin pest control was onsite to help eliminate and minimize the pest problem area behind the bars were cleaned and sanitized critical violation 7-42-090 | 34 floors: constructed per code, cleaned, good repair, coving installed, dust-less cleaning methods used - comments: the floors shall be constructed per code, be smooth and easily cleaned, and be kept clean and in good repair must regrout the floor tiles behind the bar and replace where missing seal the gaps between the floor and walls behind the bars | 36 lighting: required minimum foot-candles of light provided, fixtures shielded - comments: shielding to protect against broken glass falling into food shall be provided for all artificial lighting sources in preparation, service, and display facilities replace the cracked light shields in the prep area | 38 ventilation: rooms and equipment vented as required: plumbing: installed and maintained - comments: | 18 no evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed, a written log shall be maintained available to the inspectors - comments: see violation 14

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